The Hidden Truth

M/K: The Hidden Truth
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Community Rules:
(1) Leave all personal baggage AT THE DOOR! This community is about Mulder and Krycek and their hot hot slashy love, not you. Moderators reserve the right to delete any snarkfests and suspend members who continually abuse this rule.
(2) All members must submit a headshot and 200 word essay on why I should sleep with them.
(3) All art, pictures, icons, and fic over 20K should be placed under an LJ cut. Please consider your fellow members with dial-up.
(4) Mary-Sue is highly encouraged! The more the better. Free jello shots for blatant Mary-Sueing are given out regularly.
(5) Happy Hour starts after 6PM. Water gun fights are reserved for Sundays. Please, no running by the pool.