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Hi! I want to talk about fanfiction in class ( I need to have presentation about something at least partly assimilated with literature). I have few ideas, but I don’t know for sure what exactly I’d do and how this class would look like. (And if my English teacher would agree with my project.) I decided to look around for some materials, because I’d hate to plan my whole presentation and then learn I don’t have a way how to do it. So, basically I wanted to ask you for few things, perhaps some of you have some links to share and some things to rec. It’d be great.

I’m right now looking for:

1. Fics about Pilot.

* Preferably not including much info from other episodes. (I can’t show them the whole series, unfortunately. :P)

* Preferably short ones.

* The more AU the better. I mean, I want to show them how fanfiction can be different from canon, so some fics that would show it off would be great.

2. Fics about one episode that people can understand only after watching this one particular episode.

* Pretty much everything from the point above still apply.

3. Podfics.

* Preferably a podfic to a fic that could be reced to me in points 1 or 2.

If there’s anything else you could think of: feel welcome to do so :) As you may have guessed my basic plan is to show them one episode and then a fic to it. Preferably a fic that’ll show them why fanfiction is a great way to waste spend time.

I’d be really grateful for all your help!
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