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Looking for a post-colonisation fic...

Hi! Sorry to bother, but I'm looking for some Krycek/Mulder fic I read some times ago that I totally loved (and unfortunatly, I can't put my hands on it anymore! :/).

In this story, set post-invasion, Alex Krycek was the leader of a big resistance group. He was working with Skinner (who fall in love with Krycek "fuck buddy", a younger boy), and, for some fight against aliens, they needed Scully helps. Of course, Scully never come without Mulder, and him & Krycek have problems (understatement of the century) working together (but then end up having meaningless hot sex anyway and of course everything between them is a lot more complicated, and there is a lot of denial on both sides...). Some alien work on their side along the ride (and hit on Mulder of course).

The characterisation was fantastic, and it was definitely my favourite post-invasion story! I'm so sad not to find it anywhere so if anyone would happen to know where I can find it, I would be thankful forever! :D

(I'm sorry if those type of post aren't allowed, and it it's the case, feel free to delete it!)
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