September 21st, 2010


Hi. Can anyone help Me? I'm looking for a Mulder/Krycek fiction. It was long, over five thousand words, and the premesis was, that Mulder was on a case, by himself, for once, (which was a distinguishing factor, seeing he's usually with Scully, though I do think he called her at one point,) and Krycek is also investigating the same case, at the behest of the 'Bristish Man'. I think I remember him being pissed of that Mulder was there too, and that the Brit must have known somehow. They end up working together, for a time, and, not sure, but, I think the thing they were investigating was either an alien and its ship, or a vampire, one of those, though, if theres a fic that matchs the above critera, with, say, a werewolf, or something, don't hesitate to let Me Know. It is also a one-shot. If anyone could help Me, I would be extremely grateful, since this fic has been driving crazy looking for it, I've been looking for, about, two years now, so, yeah. Thanks, in advance, LonePanther.