June 18th, 2010

Slash seeps into everyday.

Reader Wanted.

I don't believe I'm breaking any rules with this post but sorry if I do.
Considering this story is very much Mulder-centered, I realized this would be the best place to put my request.

I am looking for a beta reader for a fanfic I am writing. I am planning on this being a rather long piece - nothing that challenges War & Peace but it should have a nice pile of pages - so I need someone who will stick with me and be patient as I unravel this story. The story, most likely, will not be finished and you will receive my sections as I finish them. You also must be willing to tell me the truth and we must be able to communicate well with one another. I am very friendly so there is no worries on my side. I don't need a professional so, if you consider yourself a good editor, than I trust your judgment. Below are a list of things I'd like you to possess (don't worry, they are easy!):

*When it comes to writing or reading, if you are patient with me, I shall be patient with you.

*If you consider yourself a good editor, I'll trust in you.

*Both of us must promise to not be offended if we reject another's idea.

*You must have no - or, at least, be able to look past - any prejudices you have against a type of pairing or character.

*I'm very friendly and need someone who I can feel comfortable speaking with.

*I always respect someone who's willing to tell me the truth.

**And, should it be possible, it would be great if we could contact each other on YIM. But, that is not required.

Story Details
(Some of these may change)

Length: Undefinable, probably rather large.
Genre: Drama and Romance
Pairing: Two (2) slash pairings of Mulder/Krycek and Mulder/Other.
Rating: R to NC-17
This is an Alternate Universe story. Many X-Files character still exist but some new stories have been placed on old favorites.

I hope someone out there is willing to be a companion with me on this project.
If so, do not be afraid to contact me.
Thank you very much.