December 30th, 2004

Ellusive Illusions 1/? first fic, eventual m/k

Title: Ellusive Illusions
Author: Darkwillowdance
Crossover with Once a theif
Pairings: K/lots, eventual M/K, Mac/Vic
Warnings:Het(Just a teensy bit), SLASH, Bad Alex! Bad, Bad Alex!
Summary: In which Alex kidknapps Vic, takes his place and has a great deal of fun seducing just about everyone.
Author's note: The first chapter is short, sorry, the next will be longer, I promise! Also as a loyal slasher I skim right over the het, so other slashers, Don't worry!! It's pretty much implied Het!!
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone connected to Once a theif or X-files. Suing will get you gardianship of my cat, which will make me sad. He's all I have :(
Feedback: Please! If I don't get feedback my muses lock themselves in the bathroom and refuse to come out and play.
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