October 24th, 2004

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new icons

That literati is remarkably talented I don't need to tell you, but on top of that she is also modest! Because she'd made a few mouth-watering icons using the DD pics and text-tags I've suggested to her, and didn't post them anywhere else!

So you can see them at my LJ, scroll down to comments: http://www.livejournal.com/users/fluffy_o/11632.html

Feel free to take them if you want, but PLEASE give her as much credit as you can express! she deserves every word! ;) Thank you!
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ot umbrella

Scars prequel is ready

Here I present for your judgement the *how it all began* story. It is not necessary to read Scars to understand this one, but for those who did, I suppose it would be fun to compare the Badass Krycek of Prequel to Domesticated Cutie-pie of the Healing. ;)

Enjoy, and don't make me beg for fb. ;) => Collapse )
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