October 13th, 2004

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Happy B-Day Mr. Mulder and Mr. Carter

Happy Birthday to my favorite Fox!

Warning! Photo behind the cut is not worksafe!

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I say with much bragging that I watched The X-Files from the very beginning, started taping eps with 'Lazarus' (first season). I think it was Scully handcuffed to the radiator and Mulder so desperately searching for her. Or maybe it was just I wanted to *be* Scully handcuffed to the radiator.

I probably went to one of the first cons for the X-files, if you want to consider people selling what X-Files stuff was available at the time. (End of first season) I still have my tee shirt and poster I got that day. I also drove my girlfriends crazy because when the show was on Friday nights, I would never go out until it was over at ten.
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Although I've already congratulated Mr Fox William Mulder on my own LJ, I will gladly do this again. I'm still giddy from gazing too much at all those screencaps - jogging down *this* memory lane is a pleasant, *warming up* experience.

Of course don't expect any visual art from me to celebrate the occasion, I'd follow Ak42's example and tell you this:

It must have been in 1995 or 1996, no series except corny Brazilian melodramas on TV here. My first XF was Ice, watched on a bootleg video. Add that I was going through a stage of reading *every* sci-fi book available on the market and in the libraries.

I saw this guy and thought: "Hmmmm, his nose takes about 2/3 of his face, he's too tall and rather skinny, his eyes are too small, and his mouth is too big. When frightened, he looks and *shrieks* like a boy and otherwise behaves smugly towards the rest of the folks...Why the hell I want to see *more* of him? More, more, MORE!*

I can't stop asking myslef the same question and demanding *more, more, more* till this very moment. :) Many happy healthy years to Mulder and one chaste peck on his cheek! :)
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