September 27th, 2004

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My entry for the challenge...

...Or rather, my entries, LOL. I've made one for each letter of the alphabet, plus two extra ones, one of them very silly. So silly I'm a bit embarrassed to show it, but oh well.

Since there are a lot of pics, I'm not going to spam LJ. Here's the link to them: MK ABC. Sorry, I put them all in the same page, so anyone on dial-up will probably have trouble loading the whole page.

Looking forward to check all the other entries, I haven't checked LJ in a week!
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OK, two petty blackmailers - L and E made me do this! I'm so weak after the bicycle ride I can't resist them, so I transfer the little vignette you could have read at my LJ onto MK-A. I don't think it fits the current challenge, but alas vanity and curiosity of what folks might be thinking took an upper hand over me!

So...on with it. Happens in between the scenes of Patient X. Right after Krycek is offered a choice (or rather absence of it). Rating: PG. Krycek POV. NO MENTION OF MULDER.

*Disparity*. (Test-title, generously offered by emeraldteal) Collapse )

Now, /taps her foot impatiently and glares at E and L/, you'd better give it back to me good and long! ;)
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