September 26th, 2004


Happy 1 Week Birthday to mk_apocrypha!

Dead Letters from Moscow

Happy Monday, everyone! Today marks the official 1 week old birthday of mk_apocrypha! It feels like we have been open so much longer, just by the sheer warmth of community and contributions! You guys have honestly blown me away this week with your participation and excitement about M/K. I was expecting 1 or 2 posts. This has been the most wonderful surprise and it just keeps getting better.

What has made me, personally, the most happy is that we have so many participants coming to us saying 'this is my first try.' Nothing has made me more excited and proud of this fandom in so long. I hope that everyone continues to feel safe, encouraged, and inspired to keep creating here in our little haven. I know I have personally been inspired by the courage of all these people who are new to sharing their work. It's been one amazing week.

Shots of Krycek Green vodka all around! Cheers to M/K forever!

Bureau Protocol

Don't forget! The Alphabet Challenge only has one week left for entries! So far we have been chugging along strong, and it's been a fun ride. If you are writing a longer fic, or taking a bit longer with your graphics, now is the time to think about starting to wrap it up. Remember, ALL ENTRIES POSTED AS OF OCTOBER 4TH WILL BE DELETED!!! If you absolutely MUST have more time, and think you can't finish before hand, please contact me and we may be able to work something out. Otherwise, even if you have posted, keep those ideas flowing! We love multiple entries!

The Leather Couch Needs A Buff & Polish

I have been recently considering that we are looking a little bit on the plain side. I would like very much if passer-by would be wowed by our little slice of the internet. I am most interested in the set up of having a large graphic centered at the top of the journal page. Nothing fancy, at least initially. However, it would require several hours of hair pulling on my part and I wanted to get input from you all. How vital do you feel the 'look' of our community is to us, and outsiders who stop by? Are you personally swayed by the way a community looks when you visit them? Have you ever joined or watched a community based in any way on how well you felt it was put together?

Another consideration is that I cannot make any changes to our community unless it is a paid account. As of right now, it is a free account. I will mention, however, that LiveJournal members are able to give each other 'gifts' of subscription fees. [Insert cheeky grin here]

But it all boils down to what you guys feel. So give me feedback!
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