September 24th, 2004


thoughts and ponderings

Do you guys think Krycek was left handed? I have evidence that both does and does not support this idea. Supportive evidence is that he was steeping his tea with his prosthesis (left hand). Now, we can assume this must have taken place shortly after losing his arm. So he was probably still using his left arm more, despite the handicap, because of habit and/or stubborness. I mean, how easy would it have been just to use his right hand, even if he wasn't right handed? I think this is strong evidence he was left handed. However, his note "THINGS ARE LOOKING UP" later on is written in a very fluid, almost slanted script. It definitely looks like there was no hesitation or snags in writing it- which means he must have written it with his right hand.

I had some other question but Im so pissed off I forgot it. mebbe I'll remember later.
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Anguished Mulder


I think I should rather concentrate on writing but playing with pictures is So, well, it is not a response to the challenge, only a random something. Elly told me (paraphrasing here) to post this "elsewhere", which is why it ends up here, I suppose.

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