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Happy B-Day Mr. Mulder and Mr. Carter

Happy Birthday to my favorite Fox!

Warning! Photo behind the cut is not worksafe!

I say with much bragging that I watched The X-Files from the very beginning, started taping eps with 'Lazarus' (first season). I think it was Scully handcuffed to the radiator and Mulder so desperately searching for her. Or maybe it was just I wanted to *be* Scully handcuffed to the radiator.

I probably went to one of the first cons for the X-files, if you want to consider people selling what X-Files stuff was available at the time. (End of first season) I still have my tee shirt and poster I got that day. I also drove my girlfriends crazy because when the show was on Friday nights, I would never go out until it was over at ten.
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