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I can't just left the scene *without* Scars III now, or I'd look like a deal-breaker. emeraldteal has created the cover for Dependency!!!!!!!!!

And folks, thus inspired, I've already written the first sentence for the next (last!) installment of the story.


Nope, orange is definitely *not* Mulder's color! Apart from this:

a) it's my FIRST EVER cover for a story (if you told me 2 months ago I'd be out posting my fics for the public and moreover, receiving encouraging feedback, I'd have sent you go count my apples...)
b) it's not only that smoking NL is as HOT as a just-baked potatoe, but Mulder's grimace is hilarious. He looks so repulsed he even doesn't look quite HIMSELF! Are his hairs standing on end, too?

Mind Teddy Bear Chin, once you picked up my *ball*, this won't be the first and the last request for a pic!
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