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Hi guys, n00b here, but I come bearing gifts. Specifically, a fanmix - my first proper one, no less :)

Author: Ad Absurdum
Title: Darkshines
Pairing: Mulder/Krycek
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Two sides, the way the old-fashioned LPs were. The title borrowed from Muse. And I guess I should thank andrea_deer who got me thinking about fanmixes in the first place.
Oh, and forgive my sorry attempt at artwork.

front cover

back cover


1. Television Personalities - "The Glittering Prizes"

And we start at the beginning. Krycek's POV

I wear a clean shirt every day
I quite enjoy my job as an office boy
But the novelty begins to fade
'Cos I never get the chance
To play with executive toys

Pretty soon I'm gonna change
You won't recognise me

2. The Monochrome Set - "Silicon Carne"
Krycek's POV (oops, maybe Alex got a bit insane)

Don't scream, baby, it's just a coma
You go to heaven, I go to Roma
She looked just like an Apollo mission
When they used her body for nuclear fission...

All I want, all I see - you
All I want, all I love - you

3. Magazine - "Because You're Frightened"
First verse (below): Mulder's POV. The rest is Krycek's

You love me because you're frightened
And I'm falling in love with you
Because I'm getting frightened
of the things you somehow make me do
You love me because you're frightened
I can easily believe my eyes
Your fear is my finest hour
My fear is your disguise

4. The Stone Roses - "Bye Bye Badman"
Mulder's POV

I've got bad intention
I intend to
Knock you down
These stones I throw
or these French kisses
Are the only way I've found

5. Gene - "Your Love, It Lies"
Krycek's POV

Your love, it lies
Those hands deny the hatred in your eyes

6. Suede - "Animal Nitrate"
the 'you' is Mulder

Oh in your council home, he jumped on your bones
Now you taking it time after time

Oh it turns you on now that he has gone
Oh what turns you on now your animal's gone?

7. Ok Go - "Return"
Mulder's POV

Now it's years since your body went flat
And even memories of that are all thick and dull,
all gravel and glass
But who needs them now?
Displaced they're easily more safe
The worst of it now: I can't remember your face


1. Magazine - "Upside Down"

Krycek's POV. Probably shortly after he went AWOL from the FBI

The timing was right
But it was still a surprise
to find my heart had followed my eyes
I was just another man
with his eyes on you...

2. The Teardrop Explodes - "Treason"
Mulder's POV

I've been living through changes
And I could swing for you

3. Rufus Wainwright - "The One You Love"
Krycek's POV

I'm trying, trying to tell you
all that I can in a sweet and velvet tongue
But no words ever could sell you
sell you on me after all that I have done

4. Melissa Auf der Maur - "Real, a Lie"
Mulder's POV

So free to so fuck, so aroused
so alone I try to find the lie,
the lies, beneath you...

5. Ok Go - "There's a Fire"
Krycek's POV

I really mean it now
This time I swear I have not lied
This isn't like last time
I swear to God I have not lied

6. The Smiths - "Sweet and Tender Hooligan"
Mulder's POV

He was a sweet and tender hooligan
He swore that he'll never do it again
Because he won't
Well, not until the next time

7. Muse - "Undisclosed Desires"
Mulder's POV

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognise your beauty's not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

EDIT: File uploaded again. Enjoy.

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